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The Beach Club of Gulf Shores Alabama


The Beach Club of Gulf Shores Alabama

   If you head towards the Fort Morgan Peninsula in Gulf Shores Alabama, you will find The Beach Club condos and resort just 12 miles down, nearly to the Fort on the Gulf Side. The Beach Club at Fort Morgan is the only all inclusive type resor that Gulf Shores currently offers. With shopping, dining, swimming, tennis, a spa and more you would never need to leave the campus.

   The further down Fort Morgan you go, the more obvious it will become that the area has not been fully developed. For a getaway that is off the beaten path, or secluded if you will, The Beach Club is just that.

The Beach Club in Gulf Shores Alabama's atmosphere is booming with things to do, but just adjacent and surrounding its property is the untouched version of the Gulf Coast. Just the way nature would have it; beautifully reminiscent of paradise.

What you will find at The Beach Club:

4 condominium buildings
private cottages
5 Outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs
Clubhouse with cabanas and poolside bar
8 lighted tennis courts&Racquet Club
multiple dining options- from upscale to casual
Indoor Pool and jacuzzi
Childrens playground
Basketball goals
Wildlife preserve
There are multiple jacuzzi's scattered throughout the property as well, along with an indoor pool and hot tub.

Current 1 bedroom units at The Beach Club in Gulf Shores are starting at $199k according to the Baldwin County MLS system.  Investors, these 1 bedrooms typically sleep 6, and can bring a great rental return, If you are interested in learning about a Beach Club rental projection, don't hesitate to call me.

The MLS currently shows just over 50 Beach Club of Gulf Shores units actively on the market&36 condos at The Beach Club have exchanged hands so far in 2011, let's make that 37!

Search for your Beach Club of Gulf Shores unit now!

Visit My Youtube Channel KristyDoggett to view The beautiful Amenities Video for The Beach Club

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New iPhone App for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach


New iPhone App for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach


    The New iPhone App by Apple for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach might be just what you need if you are planning a trip to Alabamas beautiful Gulf Coast.  Lets face it, for many people now our smart phone is an extension of our arms.  If you sit quietly and just take a moment to people watch it should be no surprise, that most people that you see will be bustling about their day, but multi-tasking with that smart phone at the same time.  If this is you, then read on!

    A new iPhone App has been developed for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach areas.  The app can be located at the iTunes store, and is a free download.  The app has been out since September of this year and its newest version has area events, coupons, map to your location, find area eats and more! 


If you are a local or a tourist to our area this new app from iPhone for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is a must have!

Bella Luna Condos in Orange Beach


Just over the Alabama Point bridge you'll see the single tower gleaming on the north side of the scenic beach highway in Orange Beach Alabama.  Just before the Florida border the beautiful glass semi-circle is conveniently located to both Perdido and Orange Beaches and attractions.  Bella Luna Condominiums in Orange Beach sit a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of Orange Beach's busy tourist row, but just far enough to watch the crowd from afar.

    The views that Bella Luna in Orange Beach offer are unique because you get a taste of the Gulf as well as the area's Ole River that is salt and peppered with some of the coasts most beautiful and character filled homes.  From within a unit at Bella Luna in Orange Beach the floor to ceiling glass lends expansive views of it all.  Take your pick!

    An owner or guest staying in a Bella Luna unit can expect nothing less than high end furnishings and upgrades throughout, from stainless steel, granite, wetbar, wine cooler, as well as the most modern fixtures sure to please even the most discriminating of individuals.

    The Amenities that Bella Luna Condos in Orange Beach offer are plentiful.  There are four swimming pools. One heated indoor and one heated outdoor pool. The fitness center is state of the art and includes a steam room and sauna. Let's not forget the indoor theatre with wetbar for entertaining!  Boat slips are available on a first come first serve basis, and beach access is available directly across the street.  It's safe to say you can have it all with a Bella Luna Condo in Orange Beach Alabama!

Lets talk prices... how much would it take to own one of these fabulous beach condos?


Currently the inventory is very slim with 9 Active Bella Luna Condo Orange Beach units (2 of which are under contract) on the MLS.  Prices are ranging from $399k for a low level 2 bedroom, to 1M for a Penthouse. 

Although the closed prices have varied greatly over the last year, some of the best priced deals for 2011 Bella Luna Condos are as follows:

#208: 2/beds 2/baths: Closed 6/28/2011 $275,000

#603: 2/2 Closed 7/2011 $389,000

#206 3/3 Closed 2/2011 $360,000

#1207 3/3 Closed 10/2011 $425,000

PH3 4/4.5 Closed 8/2011 $725,000

If you think this immaculate community might  be up your alley, give me a call, or search Bella Luna Condos in Orange Beach here!

Gulf Shores | Orange Beach Travel and tourism brings in record revenues!


 Gulf Shores | Orange Beach Travel and tourism brings in record revenues!

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach travel and tourism brings in record revenues! 2007 was the top revenue year for our Gulf Coast community, but not anymore!  Gulf Shores and Orange Beach banded together to boost their travel and tourism efforts with marketing dollars and new campaigns to see that 2011 went over 2009s top numbers.  And it did! The summer season has brought in 18% more than the 2007 precedent, and year to date numbers are in line to be a 17% increase overall.

Of course The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach travel and tourism numbers from 2010 were sagging due to the BP Gulf Oil spill.  The 2011 numbers are towering over 2010 by an encouraging 51%!  Without a doubt Gulf Shores and Orange Beach tourism would have seen an increase over last year with little effort.  But to triumph over a record year (2007) after such a depressed previous year is something to shout about!  We are back!
The marketing efforts of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau along with the Alabama Tourism Department should be praised; they got it right.  Added events such as the Hangout Music Fest, along with the corporate sponsorship with the SEC and all of the great ads put together in conjunction with historic SEC coaches helped remind the Gulfs target audience that the Gulf is still here and open for business! Our beaches are as white as ever, and our community still encourages a family atmosphere, we are the place to bring your family. 
Thank you to the CVB and ATD for boosting the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Travel and Tourism back to where it belongs.
For more on this story see the Yahoo! Finance Article here

Orange Beach Condo Owners to pay 50 more in Business License fees


Business License for condo owners in Orange Beach raised over 50%

The Press Register reported that the City of Orange Beach has decided to raise condo owners business licenses.  The price of the license hasn't seen a hoist since 2000, however, an Orange Beach and Gulf Shores travel and tourism report suggests that visitors to our area could hit 5M this year.  Beach services and upkeep will need to be able to keep up with these numbers and raising the license fees will help add an additional $200k in revenue for the city. 
     The Baldwin county coast is in the lead for the gulf coast lodging/rentals market share according to recent Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureaus reports.  These numbers are likely a result of the combination of recent advertising campaigns as well as the "urge to get back to the beach" - since many beach vacationers felt forced to skip their beach trip last year, due to the BP oil spill. 
Either way, hopefully our area condo owners will see the increased fee returned in their overall annual rental income and then some!

Read the whole article here:

Turquoise Place- Now selling in the $700's


Spotlight on Turquoise Place-Now selling in
the $700's!

The newest high rise condominiums to be erected in Orange Beach is Turquoise Place.  These luxury condominium units feature 3, 4, and 5 bedroom units boasting of only the highest quality materials and amenities.  Construction started during our areas real estate market high, when million dollar condos were in high demand and selling quite easily- and reselling for even more... unfortunately for the project, its completion didn't happen quite soon enough, and as we all know the market took a tumble before many units could be sold. 

    Owners of the pre-construction units found themselves holding beautiful condos that were priced between 1-2 million dollars at preconstruction rates--  Many of which likely purchased at these prices thinking they would be able to sell after completion at a higher rate... but most of them are probably still hanging on to their units (or lost them)...while current units are being sold by the developer at much different prices.

Price tags are starting @ $ 725,000.  Although according to tax records it may look like these units are still selling at $925,000.  However, the $200,000 developer credit on the HUD is indicating a different number.    In addition to this, the developer has recently released these incentives:  ......(MORE)

Former SEC Coaches help support Orange Beach & Gulf Shores

     With the 2011 Football season kicking off just a few short weeks ago, some former SEC Coaches paid a visit to our beautiful beaches here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  As part of an advertising campaign partnership with the SEC and Gulf Shores&Orange Beach a series of 30 second spots have been released and are played during Saturday College game time. 

     As citizens of this area we know what a gem we have right beneath our toes, and with the new release of these commercials it is our community's hope that others will venture down to learn what a great place this is for families and vacationer's the like. 

     Take a moment to enjoy the 30 second spots that I've linked below.  If these don't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what will!  Roll Tide!

Alabama Center for Real Estate 2011 Report


I have decided to repost this information that was blogged on in the real estate section.  This is the same information that we walked away with last week at our monthly RE/MAX of Gulf Shores sales meeting.  It's nice to see that it's being reiterrated here as well.


Baldwin # of Transactions Graph.JPG

"2011 (Baldwin County)

  • Closed Volume 1/1/11 - 8/31/11:     $1,241,637,662
  • # of Transactions 1/1/11 - 8/31/11:    6,188
  • Closed Volume 6/1/11 - 8/31/11:     $507,172,014
  • # of Transactions 6/1/11 - 8/31/11:    2,448

2010 (Baldwin County)

  • Closed Volume 1/1/10 - 8/31/10:     $998,789,328
  •  # of Transactions 1/1/10 - 8/31/10:    4,962
  • Closed Volume 6/1/10 - 8/31/10:     $356,369,438
  •  # of Transactions 6/1/10 - 8/31/10:    1,776

Comparing the Numbers

  • The # of Transactions increased by 1,226 transactions YTD, which is a year over year increase of 24.71%.
  • The # of Transactions increased by 672 transactions during June through August, which is a year over year increase of 37.8%.
  • The Closed Volume increased by $242,848,334 YTD, which is a 24.31% year over year increase.
  • The Closed Volume during the summer months increased by $150,802,576 during June through August, which is a 42.32% year over year increase.

A wide variety of deals continue to present themselves on all different levels, and if you are someone that has been on the fence there is no time like the present to get involved whether you are looking for a new primary residence or an additional investment opportunity.

The numbers above are a strong indicator that the inventory is getting consumed and as soon as all of the distressed inventory gets removed from the market prices will most definitely start back up again.

There are certain pockets that already exist where prices reached a bottom several months ago and have started ascending. No one can ever time the market perfectly (without just plain luck), and there is no doubt in our minds that if we haven't hit bottom we are close to it.

So where do you go from here? Find the deal that is right for you then be aggressive and go after it with a vengeance because opportunity is staring you in the face. Don't look back in 12 months with a lot of "would of, could of, and should of's" because even though it is going to take some time to get there we can assure you Baldwin County is poised for a strong comeback."

Article Courtesy of the Press Register. Direct link to article:


Orange Beach salute to 9-11

Orange Beach paid tribute to the tenth anniversary of the September 11th, attacks of 2001 yesterday by lining their beach with American Flags set at half mast.  Beach go-ers enjoyed one of America's most beautiful beaches without overlooking what the day stood for.

   The ten year anniversary of America's greatest tragedy was filled with documentaries, news stories, and look backs on that day's horrifying events.  When the news of the attacks came across the airwaves, the lives of most Americans stood still for a moment, making a permanent imprint of that moment.  Everyone who was old enough to remember that day will always remember exactly what it was they were doing at that moment.

What about you?  Where were you? What were you doing at that moment?

Thank you Orange Beach for a beautiful tribute up and down our shoreline, all lives that were lost that day are never forgotten, and we will continue to memorialize you!
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